19+ Stunning Over the Toilet Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Not sure how to make the most of your bathroom space? If you continue to read, you will find 19 over the toilet storage ideas that will be a great solution to your problem. 

It’s no secret that bathrooms never seem to have sufficient storage space. And the trouble will get worse if you live in a studio apartment or a smaller house.  With a lot of bathroom essentials to store, the often petite under the sink cabinet can’t hold them all. 

That’s why I have arranged some smart ideas to maximize your bathroom space. Let’s check them out!

1. Freestanding Over The Toilet Shelving


Even the smallest apartment bathroom can suddenly be better organized by this freestanding over the toilet shelving. It doesn’t take so much of the floor space and has more than enough room to store your extra towels and toiletries.

This dark-colored shelving also adds a statement in this small bathroom. Note the decorative indoor plant put on the shelf which splash a nature beauty among this white space. 

2. Floating White Shelves 

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This clean white shelving offers plenty storage space on each shelf. It adds depth, height, and positioning space for placement of toilet papers and other bathroom products in this small bathroom.

Besides, it also has space to add a few interesting decorative items like framed picture and cups that can draw attention away to this room’s size.

3. Above the Toilet Wood Shelves


Not only add color and depth to space over the toilet, arranged wooden open shelving in order also allows more decorative aspects to be added in between. 

There’s not only space for your bathroom essentials, but the shelves can be utilized to showcase your favorite flowers, figurines, plants, or even bath decanters. Plus, you can even benefit the space on top of the toilet tank for bathroom accessory groupings by adding a wooden shelf on it.

4. Over the Toilet Storage Baskets


Get some fabric containers from department, discount, or home stores to make such great over the toilet storage ideas like this one. 

They can be effortlessly tied or hung directly to existing towel bars. This way, you’ll have an easy and quick access to toiletries, towels, and anything else for bath and shower needs.

5. Repurposed Ladder Organizer

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If you’re a creative type, a fun repurposing project to turn random thing into a smart storage hack will be your favorite. This repurposed ladder organizer will make a good start.

Ladder shelving is simple to put over your toilet area. Plus, it doesn’t take up much flooring space around the bathroom. Then, the rungs or shelving can be built wide enough as well to hold a variety of items including towels, baskets, and other containers for toiletries.

6. Well-dressed Wood and Metal Shelves


If you’re looking for a simple and fast way to set up storage over your toilet area, try placing wooden distressed shelves on pegs or dowels. For a traditional or countrified look, you can easily whitewash or paint it with chalk paint colors.

Bring your favorite inspirational quotes into the bathroom by displaying framed words like shown above. It’s no doubt that you’ll feel more energized after doing your business.

7. Above the Toilet Hanging Baskets and Shelf


Make an easy and quick access to your hand towels and washcloths by hanging wired baskets over the toilet. For additional storage solution, you can add a small hanging shelf anchored in a higher place than the baskets. 

You can use it to place bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and others. This is a cheap way to smartly set up an extra storage area with a few everyday items.

8. Above the Toilet Storage Cabinet


This is one of over the toilet storage ideas that bring closed shelving instead of the trendy open shelving. Select closed shelving which suits your existing furniture to introduce a more finished look to your bathroom area.

With this idea, you don’t need to go with that often bulky and awkward cabinet to add more storage in your bathroom. Simply take simple closed shelving and install it over your toilet.

9. Repurposed Shadow Box Organizer

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Do you have an abandoned antique ornate frame at home? Use it along with shadow box inset shelves and get your new old-fashioned over the toilet storage instantly. Even if you don’t have an existing ornate frame, there’s always a chance to find one at nearby thrift store.

This organizer allows for placement of all bathroom products. You can also use it to place decorative items like figurines and candles.

10. Upcycled Bathroom Storage Cabinet


With windowpane glass fronts and a knob opening, this rustic and distressed bathroom cabinet looks so dependable. It offers a stylish and organized way to save your bathroom necessities.

Plus, a cabinet can always be counted on to help protect your items from the exposure of moisture, dust, and any possible damage or breakage. 

11. Repurposed Wooden Crates


Don’t throw your wooden crates away! With some simple materials and creativity, you can turn them into a functional and durable above the toilet storage.

You just need two wooden crates to make this wall-mounted cabinet for your bathroom. After that, you can use it to store shampoo bottles, toilet paper, and other necessities. 

12. Bathroom Storage System in Variety

over the toilet storage ideas

The combination of pink and gray in this bathroom seems so lovely. And it’s inevitable that a storage system over the toilet plays a big role here. 

There are individual shelving, towel bars, and baskets which make a solid storage system in this bathroom. If you’re looking for over the toilet storage ideas that are simple yet beautiful, you should take this design into account.

13. Above the Toilet Space Saver Unit


This is another smart over the toilet storage option for your bathroom. It includes spacious open shelving and a cabinet for storage. You can use this simple space saver unit to store a bunch of things from extra hand towels to toilet paper. 

It definitely offers the best of both worlds for you. The open shelving will give you quick and easy access to your bathroom essentials while the cabinet can save your extras from dust and moisture. 

14. Over the Toilet Rope Hanging Shelf


This rope hanging shelving makes a beautiful addition to any bathroom. Interestingly, you can easily make one at home by using some easy-to-find materials. 

This three-level wooden shelf is arranged and secured by rope to offer extra space for holding bathroom necessities. You can also coordinate a few accessories like a small indoor plant to make the space even more alive.

15. Farmhouse above the Toilet Hanging Shelf


Instead of rope, this idea takes benefit of eye rings and long insertion hooks as an easy, quick, and appealing way to put shelving together. Although attached to both an overhead ceiling and a back wall, the shelves look like floating, offering a freestyle appearance.

You can use the shelves to store anything you like from bathroom necessities to accessories. You can also add a woven basket to organize your things properly.

16. White Recessed Shelves above the Toilet

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This is another one of brilliant over the toilet storage ideas you can try. If you can manage to make it successfully, there’s no doubt it will turn out to be your favorite project.

The only hurdle in this project will be the toilet plumbing since you need to move the shelves in the wall. Thus, if you’re remodeling, you have to modify the toilet plumbing and shift it to the side.

17. Spacious Over the Toilet Cabinets


Every proud owner of small bathroom will appreciate this spacious over the toilet cabinet for sure. It is able to maximize every inch of frequently wasted space in a bathroom. 

If the shelves over the toilet are not enough to store your bathroom essentials, you can simply use the side cubbies for storage. Interestingly, it also comes with cabinets which can be used to keep your extra towels and other necessities. 

18. Rustic Barn Board Shelves

This wooden wall plaque comes with shelving system, providing a decorative statement as well as storage solution. You can display a favorite family photo, plants, and other things to give the room a bit of style.

Besides, you can also store your bathroom necessities on the shelves. Don’t worry to combine your bathroom essentials and decorations on one shelf. 

19. Modern over the Toilet Storage Cabinet


This tiny yet versatile over the toilet cabinet will help you save space in your bathroom. It will work in even a smaller bathroom as well.

This modern bathroom storage unit includes a center cabinet and some cubbies on one side. If that’s not enough, it also comes with a built-in toilet paper holder.

That’s all several ideas to add storage over your toilet. Now, you don’t need to worry about cramping your bathroom when adding extra storage solution. All the ideas above can be appropriate for even the tiniest apartment bathroom.

If you want to save some money, most of them offer a chance for DIY as well. Finally, hope you like my list of over the toilet storage ideas above and have a nice day!

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