Best 15+ Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas – Modern & Traditional

Mantel decorating ideas are what make the fireplace has a lovable look. It always feels warm and comfortable to sit by the fireplace at night watching the snow falls or when it’s raining. The flame will be a very friendly companion for you while having chat with family.

Some decorations can elevate the current look if it has all the elements that can enhance it. Mantel ideas are meant to give a lovely additional appearance in hoping that it doesn’t only protect the flame from popping up, but it’s also as a perfect complement to it. 

1. The Nest

With a wreath on a frame centered above, this mantel leaves a rustic feel with its white tone that looks satisfyingly bright. The shiplap wall is an interesting background at which you can spend a long time observing it. It pretty much makes the wall have a stunning look over the fireplace.

The curtains match with the white color scheme as they’re in brown color with a pale decorative pattern. Something nice to beautify the look is by adding some greenery on it, bringing beauty to life. It’s not wrong and it’s indeed a great place to nest.

2. Adding Stunning Mirror

What a lovely decoration it is! The fireplace is adorned with a delicate carving mantel. It makes a great pair with the white brick wall there. What attracts you most in this area would be the elegant mirror with an attractive shape. 

The gray wall creates a calm look in balancing the decoration. Those pretty flowers even make the look feel more alive. Some antique lamps are rare collection ones that could be owned as we’re living in the modern era. It does a good collection to have and to add here. 

3. Impressive Stone Wall

An absolute spot in your home is the area with a fireplace that will make you become indolent as you spend time here. In this picture, it’s a welcoming and inviting fireplace with an impressive stone wall. This is such a cozy fireplace with a country hearth mantel. 

It features a thick wooden shelf on which there are some accessories such as a painting, some bucket of flowers, and bottles exhibited. Something you would admire here is the wooden ceiling for sure. It’s not an ordinary one that it completes this mantel idea with its gorgeous design.

4. White Brick Wall

This is an example of a simple mantel idea in a tiny space with long windows. Pay attention to the area before the fireplace. It has an ample space to hold embers, which is efficient, just in case the woods pop up and the flame sparks that can cause a fire.

The white brick walls look aesthetically appealing, not to mention the colorful adornment on it. They’re applied not only on the wall but the mantel, too.

The floor sparks a sense of comfort with a wooden shiplap flooring idea. There’s also a unique chair to accompany you enjoying the flame. 

5. Sweet Mantel Idea

With the combination of white and pinkish colors, the sweet atmosphere can strongly be sensed in the air. The fireplace is fenced with wrought iron. The pinkish flowers are the source where the sweet appearance comes from and really spice the mantel up. 

A beige classic chair by the fireplace would be a perfect spot to read books while getting warmed by the flame. A gray fluffy carpet leaves a snug and warm feeling. Adjacent to the fireplace, there’s a cupboard with lots of collections and accessories.  

6. Monochromatic Style

A monochromatic blend that looks so splendid with a beige wall and dark wooden floor is wonderfully presented here. The fireplace has a shiny area that is fenced with a glass. There’s also a giant mirror with a beautiful frame that reflects the surroundings in this room. 

The chairs have dark legs with beige seat area. Greenery or flower is always a nice idea of decorating a mantel. The flower obviously is a lovely adornment to the decoration, whereas the dark wooden floor really makes a big splash with its shiny surface.

7. Stylish and Modern

There’s no denying that cuddling by the fireplace in a blanket is everything while watching snow’s falling during winter. The fireplace has a modern look for its mantel design, and ready to be surprised once you find out that you can watch TV while lying on the couch.

There’s a room in which a flat TV can be inserted equipped with a sliding door. It’s such a brilliant idea for decorating a mantel. This room is also spacious and has lots of windows that you can open to have a breezy vibe. 

8. Stunning Ceiling Idea

This looks so wonderful with natural lighting that shines through, making the room looks vivid. It has a fascinating drop ceiling with a pleasant color scheme that blends well with the wall and mantel. The mantel part makes the fireplace area easy to notice. 

Things that are displayed on the wall are what make people have a pleasure to look at. There are some paintings, family pictures, and antique lamps, which match the beige tone. A geometric carpet leaves a contrast in the room.

9. Soothing Look

With a neutral color that this fireplace has, a soothing environment is present. The wall has long ceramic tiles that show straight lines. There are some adornments above the fireplace to embellish the mantle too such as long bottles and some artsy stuff. 

A wooden table sits between the couches, upon the gray carpet is added. Small windows let the airflow through. This room looks a little bit enclosed with some small lights installed on the ceiling, but that wakes this room has a cool atmosphere. 

10. Strangely Attractive

There are many factors that make stone walls are loved, some of which are rough surfaces, earthy tone, and make a stunning look. This is a wicked idea that you can absolutely give it a try for the mantel decoration at home. It looks even breathtaking when the fireplace is lit. 

There’s also a floating wooden shelf that looks thick but elegant while a tree is included to complete the rest. I bet you wouldn’t mind getting locked and left by your parents while spending your time alone here before the warm flame. 

11. Rustic Sense

Rustic charm will always be adored by people who love an old-fashioned style that’s untouched by the modern era. They want to bring the countryside vibes into their homes. That can be conducted by installing some features that have a strong link or relation to it. 

And this mantel is meant to create that idea for certain. With the weathered stone wall and a couple of traditional lamps, the rustic nuance is brought here. Putting some stuff to enhance the rustic feel above the fireplace would make it even better. 

12. Farmhouse Style with Shiplap Wall

The farmhouse style also has a strong spell to make you can’t live without it. It should be applied in any of the room decoration, in this case, is the fireplace. The farmhouse is identical with a giant, raw wood that looks incredible in any decoration if planned right. 

The mantel has an impressive wood shelf with a beautiful shiplap wall that’s so satisfying to watch. It has ample space in front of the fireplace to prevent the flame from touching the carpet. Some flowers and a giant fan are displayed on the shelf, making a good addition to it.

13. All-White Theme

Any themes can certainly be adopted for any decoration if you think if it fits with your preference and style. This concept is about an all-white theme that brings a minimalist and simple look. The wall is definitely bright but stunning in a way it gives you comfort. 

A flat TV is attached to the wall between the yellow flowers. Flowers are a potent addition to any decorating ideas since they can make the place alive with their beauty while some greenery brings nature’s feel here. 

14. Inviting Look

With mosaic tiles wrapped with elegant wooden mantel, the fireplace sure has an inviting look. But you realize that it isn’t the only thing here that looks so attractive. It’s so clean and offers a relaxed nuance that you can sense flowing through the air. 

There are some paintings of old trees with the reddish skies that look like a sunset. Almost every part of this room brings a brownish tone from the table, chairs, and paintings. The floor itself is matched with the tiny tiles on the fireplace wall. 



You have already observed our mantel decorating ideas amassed from a variety of splendid collections that we hope it can warm up your heart and home.


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