19+ Modern Kitchen Shelves Ideas That Will Inspire You

Kitchen Shelves Ideas – Long ago, wall-mounted cabinets appeared to be the standard of any kitchen. But today, open shelves turn out to be a more popular choice when it comes to kitchen storage. The trend toward eliminating clutter is probably one of the main reasons. 

But, whatever the reason is, these brilliant kitchen shelves ideas will no doubt make you want to steal the look in your upcoming remodeling. 

If you want to make your kitchen shines and feel lighter than before, you have these ideas cover the needs. Without further ado, here are a few ideas for kitchen shelving.

1. Stylish Rustic Wood Shelves


This simple, rustic open shelves idea will look good in any kitchen.  It also makes a nice solution for a small kitchen requiring additional storage to store certain spices and food items.

Installed against white exposed brick wall, these wooden shelves add a beautiful contrast in this space. You can go for a DIY project to create this simple wooden shelf in your kitchen.

2. Glass and Gold Shelves

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In this modern dark-themed kitchen, the brass pipe-like shelves make a nice statement. The shining gold brasses hold the glass shelves, creating a beautiful addition on the dark gray walls and the overall kitchen space.

These stunning glass open shelves are used to display a selection of clean glasses. To make the shelves even more eye-catching, decorative wall lights are added.

3. Double-Row Floating Shelves


Use these two rows of floating shelves rather than cupboards to maximize kitchen storage. Different from wall-mounted cupboards, these open shelves ideas let the light flood into your small kitchen properly. 

You can use the shelves to display your favorite dishes. To enliven the space, you can consider adding a small pot of indoor plant and put it on these wooden shelves.

4. Open Shelves and Kitchen Hood

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Integrate your kitchen hood into cabinets by installing open shelves like shown on the picture. You can set the shelves in between the hood and display some dishes and kitchen utensils.

If you have wooden flooring, opt for shelves which come in the same color or tone with your floors. It will help you create a harmonious color scheme in your kitchen.

5. Corner Open Shelves

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If you’re looking for a way to make use that empty corner over the countertops, look no further! These two rows of wood shelving occupy a kitchen’s corner perfectly while providing additional storage solution.

Installed right beside a white cabinet, these open shelves create an extended storage to store your kitchen tools and utensils. Add a vase of flowers or greenery to add a splash of color in this kind of all-white kitchen. 

6. Floating Live-Edge Shelves

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Incorporating live-edge shelves can be a good idea to add a rustic look in your farmhouse kitchen.  When this kind of kitchen usually uses floating shelves made from reclaimed or stained wood, opt for live-edge shelves to be unique. 

Live-edge shelves are made from wood slabs in which some of their bark is still visible, offering a more rustic appeal to your kitchen. They may cost you more than the usual wood shelving, but this upgrade will definitely worth the value.

7. Open Shelving with Hanging Storage


In many instances of kitchen shelves ideas, you will see open wooding shelving which is installed in a row to display a variety of dishes.

 If you need something more functional, go for open shelving that comes with hanging storage like shown here. This way, you can hang your pots and pans on it and make it easier to take and put them when cooking.

8. Unique Hanging Shelves


When designing a kitchen, most homeowners often assume that both lower and upper cabinets are necessary. But, this unique open shelving idea shows how giving up upper cabinets allow you to make your kitchen look even more stylish.

With its hanging shelves, this small kitchen feels more open and airier. Plus, you can display your colorful dishware as well to add style in your space.

9. Versatile Shelving System


If you need a versatile kitchen shelving that works like a mini pantry, this wall-mounted shelf makes a perfect choice. It has enough room to display various items like dishes, foods, beverages, and linens.

These melamine shelves have an open concept design which provides unique strength and storing power for any kitchen. Thanks to its enormous space, you can feel free to store dishware, appliances, cookbooks, and many more.

10. Kitchen Island with Open Shelving


Use that empty space under your island to create a functional storage solution. Steal the look of this kitchen island which comes with open shelving storage. You can use it to display cookbooks, glassware, pots, and other kitchen essentials. 

11. Repurposed Upper Cabinets


The simplest way to upgrade your kitchen without going through a complete remodel is to get rid of the doors from existing upper cabinets. Plus, you can save money to accomplish an updated look in your kitchen.

To add a wow factor, try painting the interior of the cabinets with a new color. Choose a vibrant color to give a splash of color in your neutral kitchen.

12. A Couple of Well-Placed Shelves


Many people assume when they include open shelving into their kitchen decoration, it means a lot of shelves are needed. Well, that’s actually not the case. In fact, a couple of small shelves like this picture make a great addition too.

This idea is perfect for those who want to incorporate the look of open shelving with less commitment. This is because open shelving often requires more care than the traditional kitchen cabinets.

13. Modern Open Shelving


This beach house kitchen features sleek open shelving which is used to display framed botanical artworks and some dishes. The chevron tile behind this modern open shelving has made a bold impact in this space. 

To save your money when remodeling your kitchen, try using bold wallpaper as another stylish way to punctuate open shelving. 

14. All-White Open Shelving and Cabinet


This is one of those kitchen shelves ideas which combine upper cabinets and open shelving together. The white open shelves and cabinets make the idea of all-white space even stronger in this kitchen. 

See how the collection of white dishes are piled and arranged by type, offering a sleek display which looks neat and elegant. Plus, you still have those cabinets to keep the other kitchen essentials safe and clean. 

15. Stainless Steel Open Shelving


If you don’t like the idea of cramping your kitchen with cabinets, try this open shelving idea. This stainless steel open shelving offers a good space to display a range of items including different kind of bowls, mugs, and glasses. 

When deciding what to present on your open shelving, consider selecting pieces that fit into a particular color scheme in your kitchen. 

16. Open Shelving and Pull-Out Drawers


This open shelving lends a place to keep kitchen essentials on display and at hand. With light gray stripes patterns behind, this open shelving also adds style in this plain all-white kitchen. 

Also, note the pull-out drawers hang below the open shelving. They keep clutter away from this charming kitchen. 

17. Vintage Cubby Shelf 

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If you’re looking for vintage kitchen shelves ideas, look no further than this one. This vintage cubby shelving serves a number of functions for extra storage. For instance, the underside can be adjusted to have more than one purpose.

You can display a variety of things on each cubicle. To add style, take advantage of space above the cubby shelf too. Here, you can see there are several colorful cake holders occupying the space.

18. Open Shelves Coffee Bar

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For those who love to enjoy a cup of joe in the morning, you should consider transforming open shelving into a coffee bar in the kitchen. You can start this project as straightforward as adding a couple of open shelves above your coffee maker.

You can also steal the look of the detailed setup shown in this picture. This coffee corner looks so simple yet functional with its two-row open shelving installed above the dark blue cabinet. 

19. Full Wall Open Shelving System


This full wall open shelving system displays a range of kitchen essentials in one place. If you have a huge collection of lovely dishes, pots, and pans, this idea will make a nice inspiration.

Instead of displaying your kitchen supplies and machineries, you can consider turning this full wall-length of open shelving into an open pantry. This way, you can keep a variety of dry goods more organized and visible. 

That’s all a few ideas to bring shelves into your kitchen. Every shelving idea above can keep your kitchen clean while encouraging thoughtful decoration. It also serves as multipurpose space can double as dinnerware storage or a mini pantry. 

Consider restyle your kitchen shelving often to keep your room up to date. You can start by adding in greenery with contrary textures and group similar items together. Finally, I hope these kitchen shelves ideas can inspire you to bring the right storage solution in your space. 


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