Best 15+ DIY Corner Desk Ideas to Maximize Your Space

Small DIY Corner Desk Ideas – When you are searching for a way to make the most of your space, creating a corner desk can be a good idea. With the right DIY corner desk ideas, you can easily create your own functional corner desk either at home or office. 

Building a corner desk is also a great way to keep your room organized and provide a larger worktop area.

To help you get started, I have put together a list of 15+ ideas to build your own corner desk. Without further ado, let’s check them out!

1. Computer Corner Desk with Built-In Shelves


This computer desk comes with built-in shelves to maximize corner space. You don’t need to have a lot of room to make this corner desk. Yet, you’ll be able to get plenty of storage for your home office essentials here.

The desk and shelves are made from wood with silver metal legs. It also has a built-in sliding keyboard tray and cabinet. Thanks to its 3-tier shelves, you have lots of space to keep your books and other office needs or to display decorative items.

2. Mini Corner Desk

When it comes to a corner desk, smaller is often better. This mini corner desk makes great inspiration for those looking to extra space to work or read while enjoying a cup of tea. 

This corner desk is perfectly sized to guarantee enough space to enhance your productivity. You just need to add a wall lamp over the desktop to make it a cozy spot for reading and working on your laptop.

3. Small Corner Desk with Shelves


This is an upgrade of the previous corner desk. Instead of coming with a wall-mounted desk only, this idea also offers two built-in shelves under the small L-shaped desk. 

This corner desk has more than enough space to put your laptop, a pile of books, and stationery. You can even display some decorative items on the desk. Then, don’t forget the extra shelves which give you extra space to keep your documents and others.

4. Wall-Mounted Computer Desk and Shelf

Who says that you need to have lots of room to build a functional home office? This is one of many DIY corner desk ideas out there that prove it wrong. In fact, you can easily create a cozy home office by maximizing the space in your room corner.

It’s a pretty simple project since you only need some wood planks and triangular wall brackets to create a useful computer desk. Set the height properly to make it a comfortable spot to work on your computer.

5. More Focused Corner Desk

If you want to build a more focused home office for serious use, this corner desk will make a good choice. It offers the appeal of a real office room with its spacious worktop and a bookcase beside it.

The identical woods and clean space with lots of space to work indicate that this corner desk is designed to help you finish your work. Installed against large glass windows, it’s easy for you to refresh your mind once in a while by looking at the natural world outside. 

6. Attic Corner Desk


Don’t know what to do with your attic space? How about creating this functional corner table and turn your attic into a cozy workspace? If you’re interested, this idea can be a good start for you.

This simple wooden corner desk has a cabinet on one side, providing additional storage to save your things. There are also two wooden shelves anchored on the wall, offering some space to display your decorative items and other things.

7. Double Corner Desk for Kids Room

If you have two kids at home, you may need a room for them to enjoy working on their homework. This kind of double corner desk makes a good option for you. This one of DIY corner desk ideas also works for you who love to spend time working at home with your loved one.

You don’t need to provide such a large space to create this double corner desk in your kids’ room. Then, you can build recessed shelving in the corner and use it as a bookcase. 

8. Dark Wood L-shaped Corner Desk

This simple L-shaped corner desk looks so dependable and durable with its dark wood material. It has three legs and fits into the corner perfectly. Plus, it is spacious enough for you to work with as well.

You can coordinate your home office needs with some decorative items like a pot of indoor plant and framed family photo. Adding storage to the worktop is the table rack organizer. 

9. Wood Corner Desk with Shelves

For this project, you’ll only need an L-shaped corner desk, a wooden file cabinet, and some shelves. Opt for a large corner desk and a file cabinet which comes in the same wood type and color. For the shelves, you can go with the white one.

This corner desk offers more than enough space to accommodate your office needs. The empty space under the desk can be used to place a container bin or to easily tuck your chair in.

10. Standing or Sitting Corner Desk

If you want to enjoy the trend of a standing desk but just have a small space available, this one of DIY corner desk ideas would be perfect for you. It doesn’t take much of your space and can be used both standing and sitting.

When you want to work on your laptop while sitting, just bring an adjustable chair and set it for your comfort. This corner desk also comes with pull-out shelving for storage.  

11. Simple Standing Corner Desk

This is another standing desk which is designed for you who want to get relief from spending too much time sitting at a usual desk. It is created to have a large area which can fit two people to work together at the same time. 

You can bring bar stools when you want to use this corner desk while sitting. To make it, you’ll only need some wood and wall brackets. 

12. Multiple Monitors Corner Desk

Do you usually use multiple monitors to work? Then, you’ll need something like this to accommodate your setup. This corner desk has a wide worktop to coordinate a few monitors together. 

This wide desktop also allows you to organize some decorative items like an indoor plant to enliven the room. You can even put a file cabinet on the desk for quick and easy access to your documents.

13. Wooden Pallet Computer Desk

This lovely wooden pallet computer desk will fit any empty corner perfectly. Due to its flexibility, wooden pallets have been a popular material for a DIY project. Plus, they can be easily discovered in your area as well.

To make this corner desk, you have to prepare one wooden board for the surface, a single layer of wooden pallet for the shelf, and a couple of strings for the holder. The wooden pallet shelving here is useful for the attachment to the wall, building it into a floating desk. 

14. Wood Ladder Desk with Drawers

If you are looking for DIY corner desk ideas which are simple yet attractive, this one could be your favorite. It has that chic rustic feeling which makes a perfect addition to any corner.

This ladder desk uses a three-leveled table to optimize the existing space. While the first table is used as a workstation, the second and third table acts as a storage solution. You can use one of them as a plant stand to add some greenery to the room. 

15. Murphy Computer Desk

Murphy style is another great way to manage and maximize your corner space effectively. Just look at this DIY laptop desk. It is highly functional and adds uniqueness in your space. Plus, it also gives efficiency to keep your tools. 

This idea is especially helpful for you who have very limited space. With this Murphy desk, you can easily tuck the desktop in when it’s not needed.

16. Rustic Wooden Corner Desk

Do you love to include rustic touch in your space? Then, you sure will love this idea. To create this desk, you just need to get some piece of woods with your preferred length. 

Then, you can use pipe-like metal instead of the usual L-shaped brackets to support the surface. For the finishing, you can display some greenery on the desk to enliven the space.

That’s all the list of 16 DIY corner desk ideas that you can follow to optimize your space. Most of the ideas above are perfect for even the tiniest corner in a studio apartment. So, don’t waver to try one of the ideas above. Good luck!


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