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Most Beautiful Flowers – What are the most beautiful flowers in the world? Ask this to the people around you, and many will give different answers.

Every person has special feelings about certain flowers, from sweet cherry blossom to cheerful sunflower. Some people even consider the “corpse flower” beautiful! (unless you get close, of course). There are no identical explanations about why each person loves certain flowers.

Looking to decorate your garden with pretty flowers? If you cannot decide the species to plant, pick from this list of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Here are 25 examples to consider before you start planting them.


most beautiful flowers

Anemone consists of 200 unique species, but they are popular as “easy” garden flowers. You can see these small but cheerful flowers in various spring gardens. These flowers have brilliant colors, from bright red to purple and pink. Red anemones have special meanings for Ancient Greek and Christians. The color symbolizes blood shed by Aphrodite and Jesus.


most beautiful flower

Ever think of decorating your garden with onions? You can! Allium is a family name that consists of shallots, onions, and garlic. Some of the species in this family are ornamental, growing beautiful blooms to decorate gardens. The most popular types are huge varieties, like Gladiator and Globemaster. They are tall, with bulbous blooms and bright purple shades.


Azalea or Rhododendron are staple in spring gardens. They grow as bushy shrubs and can handle shaded spots. Despite their pretty, bright colors, azaleas have bad reputations among families with kids and pets. Their nectar and leaves are toxic, making them symbols of death threats in the past. Also, do you know that the death of the invading army in Pontus, Turkey were caused by azalea-based poison?


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Begonia is probably one of the most popular flowers among gardeners around the world. They have prominent blooms with bright colors, easy to grow, and tolerate shades. Begonias are grown in flower beds at homes and public places. Their familiar beauty makes begonias a symbol of harmonious relationships between family members. Plus, you can eat begonias in a salad or dessert!

Bleeding Heart

Bleeding heart flowers have designs that reflect their pretty names. The flowers are minuscule and form “arching spray” on a stem. However, once you look closer, each flower has a heart shape. The common color is pink, but there are also red and white varieties.

This beautiful flower  is slightly toxic, making them unpalatable for rabbits or deer. Just like the name, bleeding heart is a symbol of innocence, compassion, emotions, and purity.

Corpse Flower

Unless you have a unique taste for strange beauty, you will not want to approach the corpse flower! Like the name suggests, this flower has a cadaver-like stench. The corpse flower is a native of Indonesian rainforests, especially in Sumatra and Java. This giant flower needs seven to 10 years for blooming, making it a rare moment for botany enthusiasts and researchers.

Cherry Blossom

beautiful pink flowers
pink flowers

Commonly known as “sakura,” cherry blossom is one of the enduring icons of Japan. These ornamental flowers come in a wide range of soft colors, particularly pink and white. The flowers only last for two to seven days before falling off, replaced by leaves.

The blooming time is so short that many websites provide special Japan travel calendars for travelers who want to see cherry blossoms.


Camellia flowers give impressive shows on their shrubs, with colorful rosette blooms. Some flowers have double layers, others only consist of a single layer. If you plan it right, you can enjoy camellia flowers from spring to fall! Some varieties can even handle mild winter, making them prized by gardeners in colder regions.

Because of their showy looks, camellias often viewed as the symbols of passion, excellence, and perfection. Camellias are considered unofficial flower of Southern China, symbolizing daughters and sons.


A lot of people overlook dandelions because they grow wild. However, the field of yellow dandelions can make your garden look cheerful during spring and summer. Dandelions are also edible; people in Korea, Greece, Kashmir, and China use the buds and leaves in their cuisines or traditional medicines. Make sure to control their growths and prevent them from overcoming your entire garden.

Some of you probably curse at wildly growing dandelions in your garden, but this is the perfect characteristic for such strong flowers. The small but tenacious dandelions symbolize abilities to survive and heal.


This pretty flower is one of the prettiest flowers in the world because of its butterfly-like shape. Fuchsia flowers also have brilliant colors, such as pink, red, and yellow. The fragrance is weak, but the beautiful blooms make up for it.  this fuchsia can live under partial shade in a garden, or in a pot near the window.


You probably see the daisy-like gerberas quite often. They are popular around the world as a garden, planter, vase, or cut flowers. Gardeners love them as bedding plants, and their brilliant colors lighten up cold days (gerberas don’t really like heat). In North America, gerberas are among the most popular cut flowers, beside roses and carnations.

Just like any daisy flowers, gerberas symbolize purity and innocence. Giving white or yellow gerberas to someone means that you are grateful for the happiness they bring you. Pink gerberas are symbols of admiration, perfect for expressing your affection in a subtler way (compared to giving roses).



Iris is as elegant as its name, with beautiful petal formation that stands on top of a straight stalk. The flowers got its name from the Greek goddess of the rainbow, because they bloom in bright colors during spring.

Bearded iris is the most popular type, with the beard referring to white or color streaks in the center. Most irises bloom in spring or summer, but dwarf varieties tend to bloom early, while the tall ones are late.

The elegant purple iris flowers symbolize dignity and royalty. These flowers also signify maturity and wisdom, perfect as gifts for parents or older people you respect. In North America, iris is a popular option for a bouquet to celebrate a 25th wedding anniversary.

Love in a Mist

Have you ever heard flower name as romantic as “love in a mist?” The name refers to thin bracts that surround the flowers, giving the “misty” appearance. Love in a Mist consists of more than 15 varieties, but most of them are quite small. The colors range from white and blue to purple and pink. They are great to fill a spring bouquet, paired with larger blooms.

Thanks to its unique appearance, love in a mist means boldness, mystery, and ability to attract people’s curiosity. Giving these flowers to someone means “You puzzle but captivate me at the same time.”


beautiful flowers

Lavender is probably one of the most famous fragrant flowers in the world. The name itself refers not only to the flowers, but also aroma and color. A member of mint family, the flowering lavenders grow in small whorls that surround a spear-like stalk. Many people plant lavenders to get the perfume and shoo away mosquitos. Lavender flowers are often incorporated in a cake, ice cream, or tea.


Poinsettia a flower that can “trick” your eyes. When looking at it, many people will assume that the large, red foliage is the flower. Nope! The actual flowers are much smaller, hidden between the red foliage, which is actually a group of bracts (specialized leaves). Poinsettia is popular for Christmas decoration because of its red and green colors.

Poinsettia also has important meaning for Christians in Mexico (the origin place of poinsettia). The flowers are connected to Pepita, a poor little girl in the 16th century Mexico, who did not have money to buy gifts for Christmas. An angle asked her to put weed bouquet in front of a church, which changed into poinsettia.


beautiful rare flowers

Proteas are the national flowers of South Africa. Which grow among shrubs called sugarbushes. Protea flowers have petals that look like blades, creating a sharp profile. The flowers grow in spring and summer, presenting brilliant colors such as pink, blue, yellow, and red. Protea became popular in Europe after catching the attention of 18th century sailors.


Plumeria flowers are something you will see in common when visiting Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, Hawaii, the Pacific Islands, or various Latin America countries. The flowers have a strong fragrance and bright colors such as white, yellow, and red. Plumeria uses its fragrance to attract moths that can help in pollination, although these flowers actually don’t have nectar.

This white-yellow flower is so fragrant that many cultures associate it with religious aspects or death. The flowers are often included in offerings or decorating traditional garbs. In Indonesia and the Philippines, plumeria trees are planted near temples and cemeteries.

Rafflesia Arnoldii

Also known as “corpse lily”, Rafflesia arnoldii will never be included in the list of cute flowers. While the giant size is impressive, the stench is so unpleasant, akin to decaying corpse. However, the flower is still viewed as beautiful by researchers, especially with the red color and white markings.

The corpse lily is very rare, growing in thick rainforests in Borneo and Sumatra. Many adventure groups invite tourists to see this unique flower in its natural habitat


Ranunculus (buttercups) have perfect bulbous, layered blooms that make them look like paper crafts. There are about 500 species in this genus, many of them are planted as cut flowers. Beginner gardeners or plant owners will love ranunculus, because this plant is easy to grow. You can plant ranunculus to enjoy flowers in summer or fall, depending on when you plant them.

Because ranunculus flowers are eye-catching, people give these flowers to say that “you are charming/beautiful”. A Persian legend even told that ranunculus came from a handsome prince. The prince, who fell in love with a nymph, was changed into flower after the nymph fed up with his constant singing.


most beautiful flowers in the world

The small and humble snowdrops look like snow specks on the ground. However, they are also the first flowers that emerge from the frost when spring comes. Seeing these flowers coming out of the ice is beautiful. Snowdrop is also pest-proof, avoided by rabbits, chipmunks, and deer. However, they don’t like warm weather, so you only can enjoy these flowers in colder days.

Because of the size and whiteness, snowdrop became a symbol of purity and innocence. The fact that this flower grows through the ice symbolizes hope and expression of condolence. In Christian legend, snowdrop grew from the tears of Eve after she and Adam were casted from Garden of Eden.


beautiful flower

You must be familiar with the way sunflowers following the sun movements. These cheerful flowers are bright and beautiful, inspiring artists such as Van Gogh. The State of Kansas and Russia made sunflowers their national flowers. While most of these flowers are now produced by Europeans, sunflowers were first planted by Native Americans.

There is no better expression you can catch from sunflowers than “warmth”. The flower’s open shape also symbolizes positivity, longevity, adoration, and acceptance. Giving sunflowers to someone means, “I hope you always be happy”.


beautiful flowers

Looking at hanging wisterias flowers will make you think of exotic Asian countries, like Japan or China. Wisteria plants have elegant hanging blooms that often appear in hairpins, dress patterns, and beauty products. Many of them have blue, purple, or pink colors that look like small waterfalls from a distance. Gardeners must control the growth, because wisterias can be invasive.

Wisterias are associated with spring, because they grow in March and April. Giving wisterias to a new person in your neighborhood indicates welcome. Wisterias are also associated with youth or kids. Many people in North America or Europe give wisteria bouquets to new mothers.

These most beautiful flowers have unique looks and characteristics. Some are small and cute, others large and impressive. What do you think about this list and what’s your nomination for the prettiest flower? Comment below with your opinion!

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